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25 years of Hospice Care of South Florida

Welcome to OpusCare
of South Florida

A nonprofit organization serving the Miami Dade county community since 1991. We are dedicated to providing patients and their families excellence in palliative care and support services when faced with a terminal illness. We provide a customized individual program where “Dignity Care” is our number one priority.


Dignity and Care

OpusCare’s philosophy is based on several ideas:

  • No one should die alone or in pain.
  • Life-limiting illnesses can cause emotional and spiritual distress as well as physical pain, all of which deserve quality professional attention and compassionate care.
  • A serious illness affects the entire family, not just the person who is ill. Those affected need and deserve ongoing support before and after a loved one’s death. OpusCare provides pain management and appropriate palliative care, care that focuses on the patient’s comfort, when curative medical treatments no longer enhance quality of life.
  • OpusCare strives to meet the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs and provides support for the entire family during the illness and for at least one year after a patient’s death.
  • Most hospice care is provided at home, where people most want to be when they are ill. Hospice care can also be provided in a nursing or residential facility and in certain circumstances, in a hospital or hospice management residence.
  • OpusCare also provides medications, medical equipment and supplies necessary to promote comfort at home or in other hospice settings.
  • Hospice does not mean giving up hope. The focus shifts toward helping the patient achieve the maximum quality of life by focusing on their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.