Support For Patients

  • Social visits: visiting patients at their place of residence to offer them companionship and support.
  • Light house keeping.
  • Playing board games, reading or watching TV with the patients.
  • Take them for a walk or stroll on a wheel chair, if it’s approved by the team nurse or the Doctor and the patient is in agreement.
  • Beautician or barber services: licensed beauticians and barbers may donate their services to patients in the patient's home setting. This is an especially helpful service for patients who cannot make it to a salon or barber shop.
  • Pet companions: Pets that are trained and certified companions can be taken to patient’s homes, nursing facilities, or inpatient hospice facilities to provide companionship and pure pleasure to hospice patients. Charlie, Prada and Bella are three of our therapy dogs that provide affection, comfort and love to our patients.
    Opus therapy dog Charlie Opus therapy dog Prada Opus therapy dog Bella

Respite & Support For Family Members

  • Stay with the patient to allow the caregiver some free personal time.
  • Stay with patient to allow caregiver to do chores in the home.
  • Assisting with light errands - grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions and supplies, banking.
  • Transport patient/family - appointments, shopping, social outings.

Bereavement Support

  • Volunteers can help with making memory books.
  • Providing comfort to family members during preparation of actual funeral.

Fundraising & Administrative Work

  • Administrative work: making photocopies, filing paperwork, assembling admission packets, etc.
  • Special events of the organization assisting the organization staff.

Youth Volunteers

OpusCare’s mission is centered on family and aimed at providing the assets needed to improve the quality of life of our patients. As a youth volunteer, you can aid in offering support and comfort to patients by providing companionship, spiritual support, and creating memories. In addition to touching patients’ lives, youth volunteers have the opportunity to work in the office assisting staff members and participating in events.

Volunteer Inquiry

Thank you for inquiring about volunteering with OpusCare. If you complete the following information for us, our Volunteer Coordinator, will call you and talk about our different volunteer opportunities with you.

Alternatively, you can download our application and mail it to us as well.

Volunteer Inquiry Form

Areas of Interest: The following requires orientation/training

There may be other duties for hospice volunteers, depending on our patients and family’s needs. No matter what skills you possess, OpusCare will find some way to use your time and talent to help.